Friday, October 27, 2017

how to change laravel login and registration view

1st go to web.php you can see auth routing . Here  route is method and this is special routing
where define this routes?

You can see a class Router. On this class routes method is available 
You can see a Auth function 

we know that there are 3 rules of routing:
1) url, 
2) URL::to
3) route

on this function you can see how define URL with route  

SO for login page 

showLoginForm function is working.  
But after checking loginController we can't see showLoginForm fucntion. 

You can see AuthenticatesUsers this is not a method and this not a function this is a trait 
see on this AuthenticatesUsers we can see this function. 

Now you can  understand where is view file go to recourse> auth> login.blade.php 

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