Thursday, June 20, 2019

How to add Facebook login system at WordPress website


Sometimes when we have tried to integrate facebook login system with WordPress website we face some problem so that I'm telling what will be right way within mins you can add that login system in your website anywhere and that will work 100%.

1st: We have to active plugin Super socializer

2nd: We have to create a Facebook login app


1st: Go to and then click on add new app
Enter your app name and password of your facebook that app will create

Then select Integrate Facebook Login and click on continue

2nd: click on the quickstart

3rd: click on www and enter your website URL and click on save and click on continue.

4th: then you will get next button for 3 times but click on next, next, next.

5th: go to setting > basic and enter your domain name, add your privacy policy page (If your website has no page you can create one and you can keep empty) and also select the category of your website and click on save changes.

No need to change setting > advance page. Keep the same to the same setting that has already.

6th: go to facebook login > setting and then enter one URL at Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field
My website URL is so that URL will be

so /?SuperSocializerAuth=Facebook  you have to add after your website URL that is the main concern.
then click on save changes.

7th: status will be on see

8th: now collect app id and app secret

9th: go to plugin super socializer > social login from WordPress dashboard and add that app id and app secret and save that setting.

10th: you can off sharing button from here

11th: now that Facebook icon will show in your wp-admin login page automatically. 
If you want to add that login icon in any other page then use shortcode. I will prefer that code 

[TheChamp-Social-Linking title="Link your Social Accounts"]

For more shortcode, you can see that image

If anything else please knock with me at here

Thank you.

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