Sunday, December 10, 2017

JavaScript Intro

What is javascript?

  • Javascript is lightweight, cross-platform, object-oriented computer programming language 
  • Javascript is one of three core technologies  of web development
  • Client-side: javascript was traditionally only used in browser 
  • Server-side: we can use javascript on the server as well with node.js 
jquery is a library of javascript or framework angular js and react 

console.log: It is a common object/method provided by debuggers (including the Chrome debugger and Firebug) that allow a script to log data (or objects in most cases) to the JavaScript console

PRIMITIVE Javascript Datatype:
Primitive this is not an object. simple datatype

  1. Number: Floating point number, for decimals and integer 
  2. String: Sequence of characters, used for text
  3. Boolean:  logical data type that can only be true and false 
  4. Undefine: Date type of variable which does not have a value yet
  5. Null: Also means 'non-existent'
Javascript has dynamic typing 


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