Friday, December 15, 2017

Tanda Router configurations and WiFi configuration laptop and how to change admin password if you have not remember

One Broadband internet that will run on one pc with router data cable and one laptop with wifi.
So you can follow this instruction
Open your Laptop
hardware: connect the broadband line to your laptop directly
click right on wifi icon and go to open network and sharing center

go to change adapter setting

click on ethernet property or local area connection properly

double click on internet protocol version 4 and setup all internet provider address. Select Use the following IP and put all field and select use the DNS server address and put all file. You can get those setting from your internet provider when they have given 1st connection on your personal computer or laptop directly with landline.

I will prefer you will want always setup connection directly on pc, not laptop. After their setup, you can collect that information

Collect mac address. Open cmd and type ipconfig/all from your PC
you can see ethernet adapter physical address so copy this address and collect

click on configure

then enter mac address on this value. Remember this mac address will be your pc mac address

try to connect if not connect then collect username and password to your internet provider.

click on setup new connection

and put your username and password

now the internet will be connected to a laptop with direct line.

Now Wifi Configuration: 
reset the router manually from router reset button 

After rest router tanda will create a user and back part of the router there is a pin number that is the password of your wifi but not working 

login with tanda with username admin and password admin also
and do 

click on advance and go to MAC Clone and add your pc mac address that is your pc mac address, change your admin password.

Laptop will be connected to a wifi connection

connect internet provider line to the router and now pc will run from the direct router with data cable and laptop will be connected to wifi. 

Thank You. 


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